About Us

Executive Summary

Mauritius is a country with rich cultural beliefs and diversity and it has always been the aspiration of Onex Entertainment to preserve that treasure.

In order to stay in line with the Company’s objective, the Company has launched Onex FM, an online Tamil radio, in July 2011 where with a single click we are all connected; the idea behind the setting up of an online radio was to enable Mauritians overseas to stay connected and be in touch with happenings in Mauritius – an opportunity for them to feel closer to their Motherland.

Onex FM has been warmly welcomed in people’s home; a successful uptake that reinforced the Company’s desire to go further.

Over the years, this dream has evolved into a set of programs that aim to re-ignite our Mauritian culture, such as Onex FM (the first 100% Tamil radio in Mauritius), Miss Tamil Mauritius (MTM), the Annual Rally for the Tamil New Year (from Plaza to Mt Choisy beach), the big Cleaning of the “Cimetière Tamoule”, a Day at the Orphanage and Contribution during the Flash Flood in March 2013, amongst other things.

Miss Tamil Mauritius (MTM) Contest has been one of one of the Company’s major achievement over the years. The whole story line started in April 2012, when the promoter of the Company launched the first edition with success. MTM is now on its sixth consecutive years. This year’s edition will be crown by a partnership with Zee TV, where a partnership agreement has been signed by Zee TV and Onex Entertainment for five years.

The Company dedicate this set of initiatives with the utmost respect to the Indian Culture in Mauritius with the aim to carry this vast heritage for forthcoming generations.

Company profile

Onex Entertainment was founded in March 2012 and includes in the group ‘Onex FM’ and ‘Onex FM Model Contest’.  Its main purpose is around benevolent initiatives in service of the Indian community in Mauritius.

Vision and Mission


Onex Entertainment has a vision to promote unity amongst Indians of diverse origins within Mauritian multi-culturalism. This is a passion close to the heart of everyone associated with Onex Entertainment, after witnessing the challenges faced by the Tamil community over the past decade.


Onex Entertainment is committed to this vision of unity and revival of the Mauritian Heritage, by organising events that bring together people from all over the island to celebrate our culture in a safe and respectful environment. With this passion for unity, Onex entertainment has over the past few years regenerated the momentum in communities across Mauritius.

After participating in the First International Conference on Tamil Diaspora that was held in Mauritius in July 2014, Onex has been inspired to take this Mauritian-born initiative, MTM contest to the international level. In line with this objective, Onex Entertainment has sealed a major agreement with Zee TV.

Miss Tamil Project

Miss Tamil Mauritius (“MTM”) is not merely a beauty contest; it combines diverse aspects of being a Miss Tamil Mauritius, and marries beauty and elegance with cultural knowledge and awareness.  This is why Onex Entertainment has widened the scope of the contest to include different rounds where the participants will be assessed on diverse aspects such as Mauritian history, social and leadership skills, cultural knowledge and awareness of societal issues, besides their beauty – inside and outside.


Miss Tamil Mauritius (MTM) Contest has been run since 2012; each year attracting large audiences as well as media coverage.  The crowd kept growing year on year as the contest has re-ignited the pride in our cultural heritage; the structure and coordination of MTM have been strategically devised to bring forth and preserve the Tamilian culture.  

The sentiment around previous MTM contests has been one of a valuable experience, for all parties involved. Being the first of its kind, it has been a learning curve – however Onex has been blessed with a lot of support from the community.

MTM will now be in its 7th consecutive year.